Jolene Liam
My Flat, As Built / Lived / Rearranged

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This is the story of one person and one studio apartment (drawn with one pen).In my day to day work at a large practice, I draw hundreds of flats for thousands of imaginary people, filled with generic furniture for abstract families. As a reminder that these homes will someday be filled and lived in by actual people, I decided to document the space occupied by one person, myself, mess and all.

How was the illustration used:
Publication - The RIBA Journal

How did you make this work:
Part of an ongoing interest in architectural drawing conventions, these illustrations are explorations of the gaps between typical methods of representation, made in the hope of encountering different ways of depicting and thinking about buildings and the city – from concept to construction and inhabitation. They were created for and received a commendation in RIBAJ's Eye Line drawing competition.

Commissioner Name :
Hugh Pearman, Joseph Robson ([email protected])
Commissioner Company :
The RIBA Journal, AVR London

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Jolene is a London-based illustrator and architect from Singapore. Her architectural background and work have fuelled an interest in documenting how places and spaces are occupied, which informs her illustrations and vice versa. These include floor plans divested of the architecture itself and defined through the things inside it, spaces described through visual inventories of the objects within, or drawings of buildings midway through the construction or demolition process.