John Holcroft
Do you know who you love?

Illustration about the dangers of rushing into relationships


Un-commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Self Promotion/portfolio, Social Media Campaign

How did you make this work:
I've had this idea for a while where the hidden part of the ring inside the box is a metaphor for the unknown aspects of your partner. I've done versions where it's a bear trap, shackles and the handle of a mop bucket but these didn't sit right with me. The snake worked and I was able to integrate the shine of the ring to merge into the snake's pattern.

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United Kingdom (UK)

I studied Graphic Design at Sheffield in the early 90s but I decided to become an illustrator in 1996 and have worked in different styles since. I have developed my current style in 2010 and have mainly been working in editorial but have done poster campaigns, packaging and advertising. Passed clients include FT, Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Nike, Experian, Pocky, Paris Metro..