Johana Kroft
Minimalist Dog Series


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I started to create minimalistic illustrations thanks to my beloved dog. I met her a few years ago, and I started to draw her character since then. The most important thing for me is to show deep emotions through my artwork and thanks to the digital medium keep her character live forever because she is my best friend and I will never forget for her.

How was the illustration used:
The illustration was used in Create! Magazine Issue 16, in Article on Bored Panda and in Create Zine Magazine.

How did you make this work:
Sometimes just on the paper and from time to time like a digital illustration. When I started working in the 3D, she was the first thing that I tried to make. I built the characters in the Cinema4d with Redshift for beautiful textures and lighting.

Commissioner Name :
Idea & Maker
Commissioner Company :
Idea & Maker
Commissioned for:
Motion Design Studio

Social Media: Kroftova

Personal Website:

Currently Based:
United Kingdom

Johana Kroft is an illustrator and designer coming from the Czech Republic. After living in London and establishing a studio Idea & Maker with her husband she is now working worldwide. Together they collaborate at a broad spectrum of fields varying from experience, entertainment, advertisement and technology. They bring unique visuals in the form of thoughtful craft and storytelling.Interpreting her minimalistic style in both 2D and 3D worlds in various styles and techniques. Creating illustrations and motion design videos. Her personal work is elegant and poetic. Inspired by travelling, dogs and emotions.