Joey Guidone
Yes We Share


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
YesWeShare is a platform that improves social relations and promotes collaborative and circular habits. I created this series of illustrations about sharing habits within companies, between colleagues at work. Each of the images is related to a specific app/function.

How was the illustration used:
Web, Print Adverts

How did you make this work:
Since each illustration is related to a single app of the same platform, the color palette had to generate a well balanced and fun combination of colors. But at the same time, every image had to be well recognizable and clear on a small screen. No details and a 'dry' approach to the illustrations allowed me to create scalable images that could work as posters as well as tiny icons.

Commissioner Name :
Gaëlle Bassuel
Commissioner Company :

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Behance: @joeyguidone, Pinterest: @joeyguidone

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