João Vaz de Carvalho : Passa a Palavra (Spread the word)


Commissioned | Professional

Image for the poster and overall communication of a stoytellers festival.
Additional Information:
The storytellers festival occours in a green park near the shore of Lisbon. The materials used are acrylic inks on paper.
Commissioned for:
Câmara Municipal de Oeiras (final client)

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João Vaz de Carvalho is a portuguese artist. Since 1987 he has worked with several art galleries, participated in numerous art fairs and prepared a large number of exhibitions. Simultaneously, he has worked as a press illustrator for journals and magazines and he has illustrated many children’s books wich are published in several countries. His work is marked by a very peculiar figurative language, appealing to memories and nonsense. He has won many prizes all over the world.