Joanna Latka
“Places and Non-Places”


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Based on the idea of “Places and Non-Places”, the theme of the new edition of Atlântida magazine, I created a series of illustrations inspired by the words of Marc Augé: “If a place can be defined as identity, relational and historical, a space that cannot be defined either as identity, nor as relational, nor as historical will define a non-place”

How was the illustration used:
illustration for magazin

How did you make this work:
black indian ink & color pencil, paper size A4.

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Joanna Latka is a prolific artist using a variety of techniques such as printmaking, drawing and Indian ink. Her artwork may be seen in many private and state owned collections. She’s had more then 30 solo exhibitions and around 60 group exhibitions in different parts of the world. She was selected to take part of for various illustration contests and art biennials.