Small but Significant

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
My project ‘Small and Significant’ talked about my favorite food—potato. I created a world of potato to present the world of human that I saw. I chose to use a relaxed metaphor to show my understanding, I put my thinking on all the details and also have lots of fun with different materials.

How was the illustration used:
paper print and fabric

How did you make this work:
Some potatoes pursue love bravely and become the best match in the world; some pursue beauty so blindly that they go astray; some were born of humble parentage but they know where the real happiness comes from… I use different mediums to show the exciting potato world, including potato movie posters, potato paintings in a museum, potato cans, chips, French fries and the newspaper ‘potato daily’.

Commissioner Company :
No Commissioner Company

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University of Arts London
MA Graphic Communication Design
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I’m JINGTONG! I come from China and now study MAGCD in CSM. My works help me to record daily observations. I love telling stories through illustration, it’s an amazing journey!