Jim Stoddart

Art Director of Penguin Press in London.

Jim has been Art Director at Penguin Books in the UK since 2001, responsible for design in the Penguin Press division. He designs and art directs several imprints including Penguin Classics, the Allen Lane non-fiction imprint, Particular Books and Penguin non-fiction and poetry paperbacks. He has been creative director on the redesign and rebranding of Penguin Classics, Penguin Modern Classics, Pelican Books and Penguin Modern Poets.

Jim and his design team have been behind the success of various series such as Great Ideas, Clothbound Classics, Little Black Classics, the Penguin Modern series and the Pocket Penguin series, amongst others.

Twitter: @penguinpressart
Instagram: @penguinpressart
Instagram: @jim_stoddart