Lesley Barnes
Jill and Lion

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Usage: A picture book written and illustrated by Lesley Barnes, published by Tate 1st Febuary 2017.

Formats: Hardback book. 32 pp with double gatefold. 285 x 275 mm.

Brief Requirements:

Key Brief Ideas: Jill and Lion' is a picture book for children (big and small) from about 5 years old and upwards. It is a sequel to the story 'Jill and Dragon' (also published by Tate in 2015) I wanted to develop the idea (introduced in ‘Jill and Dragon’) of creating 'a book within a book', where children could experience the magical relationship between a reader and the storybook itself. This time, the pages of Jill's book create the landscape that the characters navigate through – creating tunnels, mountains and valleys from the page folds. Jill shows girls (and boys) that you never have to be satisfied with the story you are given.

Commissioned For: Tate Publishing

Commissioner Company: Tate Publishing

Agent: Handsome Frank

Agent Website: handsomefrank.com