Jess McGeachin

Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I set myself a brief to write and illustrate a picture book called Fly. Fly is the story of a girl who loves to fix things, so when she finds a bird with a broken wing she’s sure she can fix him too. I wanted to use colour and perspective to show how the main character is feeling - first sadness when being told her bird might not fly again, and then hope as they soar through the sky together.

How was the illustration used:
Picture book (to be published August 2019)

How did you make this work:
I spent a lot of time researching and sketching rare and colourful birds for this book. While the story is fiction, I wanted the reader to be able to learn about amazing birds that exist in our world. Designing the way the main character looked and moved was also very important - I wanted her to feel curious and clever while still being vulnerable and human.

Commissioner Name :
Michelle Madden
Commissioner Company :
Penguin Random House

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I’m Jess McGeachin, an author and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve always loved to draw, and it’s a passion that’s led me through a career in graphic design to now writing and illustrating my own picture books. I’m endlessly curious about the natural world, an interest that’s aided by my day job as a designer for Melbourne Museum.