Jeff Kulak
Perfect Form

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I spent fifteen years involved with gymnastics and trampoline – training, competing, and then coaching. Sport can be a threatening place for homos and queer people to exist, so I’m grateful to have been part of a gym where I felt safe to experience and pursue the joy of movement. Creating the illustrations for Perfect Form was a way to revisit this time in my life with a new perspective.

How was the illustration used:
I created this 24 page zine in an edition of 100 for a Canadian mail art exchange group called Undecimals. Participating artists create an artwork multiple that's exchanged within the group once a month throughout the year.

How did you make this work:
The Sports Books section at the Vancouver Library's central branch is a treasure trove of vintage instructional books on gymnastics and acrobatics. Inspired by these images and memories of ill-fitting tracksuits, I started with pencil sketches which I then polished up into vectors.

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Currently Based:
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jeff Kulak is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC. Past clients include The Walrus, Nouveau Projet, and The Art Directors Club Global. His work in publishing has been recognized with two Alcuin Awards for excellence in book design.