Jeff Hinchee
The Kitchen Chronicles


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The pandemic re-shaped the way we use our kitchens, and changed cookbook trends in surprising ways. Which cookbooks were the pandemic best-sellers, and what does the future hold for home cooks?

How was the illustration used:

How did you make this work:
I work traditionally developing ideas with pencil sketches. The illustrations are then constructed in paper, lit, and photographed by me. Photographs are then edited in Photoshop. Hand drawing, painting, and textures are layered in digitally to finish the illustration. 

Commissioner Name :
Paul Jean
Commissioner Company :
The New York Times

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Currently Based:
Minneapolis/San Francisco

Jeff's illustrations blend 2D & 3D— an assemblage of traditional drawing, cut paper, & found object. Clients include Penguin Random House, The New York Times, The Washington Post, This American Life, Entertainment Weekly. He's created special illustrations & graphics for TV's "Little America", "Transparent", "Search Party", "Yellowjackets", The European Games; & art for over 100 stage productions.