Swimming blanket.

Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
My swimming begins by spreading water droplets in the blue waves. After swimming hard or softly by myself, I run toward a splash full of people. And I fall deep into the water and swim backwards as I please. What kind of world will unfold if we move forward like this? I drew a cool dream of a summer night, enjoying my favorite swimming to the fullest.

How was the illustration used:
picture book

How did you make this work:
I made a sauce to express water using watercolor and made an image with Photoshop. And I drew characters swimming through digital tools. A mix of manual and digital work.

Commissioner Company :
sakyejul Publishing company

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Hongik University Graduate School
Department of Illustration

Currently Based:
Republic of Korea

She is in the master's degree in illustration at Hongik University. Her creative picture book, "Actually, I am!" (2019), "8-year-old, don't come here!" (2020), "Shaaaaa" (2020), and "Swimming Blanket" (2021). In addition to New York and Seoul, she participated in "newyorkdrawing"(2016) "Shaaaaa Picture Book Fair" (2020) individual exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions.