Isabel Roos
Journey into light

Science & Technology

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
„Journey into light“ („Reise ins Licht“) creates an intersection and symbiosis between science and art. From the far away stars, sun and moon, fireworks, rainbows, Fata Morganas, polar lights, bioluminescence, citylights, light pollution and down to strange lights in the deep sea – „Journey into light“ takes you into a spectacle of light with a lot of scientific information. (Master project)

How was the illustration used:
Exhibition, Book, Fine Art Prints

How did you make this work:
The used technique for the project „Journey into light“ is a combination of an analogue and digital process. The images are first drawn by hand. Afterwards the coloration is made digitally with self created analogue and digital patterns and structures. Every image needs a lot of layers and precise coloring choices to create a glimmering aesthetic.

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HAW Hamburg
Year of Graduation:
Summer of 2020

Currently Based:

Isabel Roos is an artist and illustrator based in Germany. She studied illustration at the HAW Hamburg. Inspired by flora, fauna and science her work dives deeply into a colorful spectrum. Combining abstract and concrete shapes into one, there is always a symbiotic aesthetic and a connection to iridescent light. Her work is poetic and yet radiantly bold.