Ileana Soon
In the Pursuit of Research


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: A contribution to Light Grey Art Lab's Tiny Homes exhibition, based on the theme of homes.

Process: The image was sketched and painted in Photoshop

Materials: Photoshop

Formats: Digital

Brief Requirements: The brief called for artists that wanted to challenge the ideas of space: Interiors, exteriors, futuristic, historical, natural or personal. What spaces are indicative of it's inhabitants, and how can one illustrate the idea of symbiosis between dweller and dwelling?

Key Brief Ideas: Whilst researching this concept of what it means like to call a place a home, I chanced upon stories of scientists surviving for months on end in the harshest climates in pursuit of their work. Inspired by this, I wanted to explore what ships and temporary tents mean to these brave souls, amidst their work.

Commissioned For: Tiny Homes exhibition

Commissioner Company: Light Grey Art Lab