Ilaria Tontardini

Director at Hamelin Italy

Formed in Bologna in 1996, Hamelin is a cultural association which aims promote culture and educational programming, working in particular with children and adolescents through literature, comics, illustration and cinema.
Stories are at the center of all of Hamelin’s work.  They are considered instruments of survival, growth and discovery of the world.  The association was born out of the conviction that reading is a fundamental act that brings young people to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.
Hamelin organizes reading courses and comics workshops for schools, conferences and professional development for teachers, librarians and parents, as well as art exhibitions and educational programming.  Hamelin also curates the national literature project ‘’Xanadu.  Community of stubborn Readers’’  as well the journal ‘’Hamelin.  Stories Imagies Pedagogy’’ and the BilBOlbul International Festival of Comics.