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Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This work was produced for a buddhistic magazine published by Dharma Drum Sangha University of DDM (Dharma Drum Mountain) ,which discussed the relationship between the human and natural under the COVID-19 pandemic, through the journey of a studious boy named SUDHANA , who comes from Buddhist scriptures originally, leading readers to find the answer.

How was the illustration used:
Those illustrations were used as the cover image and inside pages illustration of the buddhistic magazine published by Dharma Drum Sangha University of DDM (Dharma Drum Mountain).

How did you make this work:
All those images were first drawn down in monotone on paper, using materials such as ink and technical pen by hand, and then, the next step, colored and added paper texture digitally by Photoshop .

Commissioner Name :
Dharma Drum Sangha University
Commissioner Company :
Dharma Drum Mountain
Commissioned for:
Dharma Drum Sangha University/DDSU Press

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National Taitung University
Children’s Literature
Year of Graduation:
I plan to complete my study in 2021.

Currently Based:

I-Chu Tsao , an illustrator from Taiwan, graduated from the “National Taipei University of the Arts” on 2010, major in Fine Arts.She has ever held several art exhibitions in Taiwan and Korean. Currently she is studying at the graduate school of National Taitung University, major in Children’s Literature, focusing on making picture books and drawing illustrations.