Sveta Dorosheva
How To Handle A Child

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Inside illustrations for a book on parenting called ‘How to Handle a Child’.

Process: Hand drawing with pen and ink, with some ink washes and red watercolour spots for accent in each illustration. No digital manipulation, except scanning. 

Materials: Nibs, black ink, red watercolour, brush, Arches hot-pressed watercolor paper

Formats: 20 x 36 cm, pen and ink on Arches watercolour paper. The original illustrations are larger than the book format to provide for detail

Brief Requirements: Create a series of 25 illustrations about childhood to address the adult viewers. No matter how dramatically different their childhood was from that of their kids, the core things that make childhood what is it are intact ‘the freshness of perception, the agony of growing up, the mischief, and the absence of borderline between the real and the unreal’.

Key Brief Ideas: A series of autobiographical images about personal childhood experiences related to the topics of the texts (food, sleep, misbehaviour, bullying, school, kindergarten, games, etc.) The illustrations grasp instantly recognisable childhood moments of my generation and inspire both parents (to remember their childhood) and kids (to ask questions about things that have changed)

Commissioned For: AZBOOKA

Commissioner Company: Atticus Press

Agent: Illustration Limited

Agent Website: