Heilbronn wimmelt

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Why did you make this work:
My publisher gave me free hand in this search-and-find book on Heilbronn, Germany. Using real Heilbronners and places, I talk about inclusion, human rights, history and literature, and fun things to do in the city. The book is packed with individual stories, some real, some invented, helping children ask questions, tell stories and find answers about their home. Have you found the Corn Mice yet?

How was the illustration used:
„Heilbronn wimmelt“ was commissioned by Silberburg Verlag and is used to highlight aspects of Heilbronn, Germany as well as to entertain and educate. Search-and-find books are a very popular genre in Germany and most importantly are vehicles to produce speech, be it in children or for general language learning.

How did you make this work:
At first hindered by Corona Lock-Downs, I contacted the Heilbronn City Marketing Management to discover what aspects of Heilbronner living were important. Residents registered online to appear in the book. I examined the history and literature of Heilbronn. After lock-down was lifted, I went there to sketch and take photos. The roughs were done in my sketchbook and completed in complex psd files.

Commissioner Name :
Bettina Kimpel
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Kimberley Hoffman, a Parsons School of Design Alumna, creates children’s and educational illustrations. For Silberburg she’s illustrated 3 whimsical search & find books, with 2 more for 2021. She is a NY State native living in Germany. In 2016 she was nominated for the German Design Award for her book "LineLino - Auf dem Bauernhof“. She is working independently on a children’s book about „Time“.