Nathan Evans
Hello & Welcome To Leeds

Site Specific

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Permanent 30 metre hand-painted lettering mural spanning across 4 brick walls.

Process: I sketched original roughs, developed the roughs based on feedback and then inked the final designs. I then scanned the inked line work and coloured it digitally. Once the final designs were approved I applied them to the 4 walls using masonry paint and spray-paint. (For more details there is a short film about the project on my website.)

Materials: Original roughs – Mechanical pencil and ruler. Developed inks – Pigma Micron fineliners. Coloured finals – Digitally coloured. Wall backgrounds – Masonry paint. Wall lettering/crowds – Mtn 94 spray-paint.

Formats: Original roughs sketched out on paper. Developed finals were printed for reference. Final artwork was then applied to spread across approximately 30 meters of wall space, divided across 4 different walls.

Brief Requirements: To produce a vibrant public art piece that welcomes visitors to the city of Leeds and celebrates the creativity within the city.  The work should reflect the Victorian origins of Leeds Kirkgate Market and the development coming to the Victoria Gate area of the Leeds.  The artwork should span across the 4 outer walls of the outdoor market and should engage and be accessible to all members of the public.

Key Brief Ideas: The hand-painted lettering references the traditional sign writing you would find in the market, reflecting the Victorian origins of the iconic market.  The vibrant colour palette and dynamic geometric shapes reflect the modern development and regeneration happening in that area of Leeds.  The crowd scenes capture the eclectic group of people who not only visit Leeds Kirkgate Market, but also the city of Leeds as a whole.  I also used this as an opportunity to collaborate with a number of local creatives, to build on the idea of community engagement.  (For more details there is a short film about the project on my website.)

Commissioned For: Leeds City Council in partnership with Leeds Business Improvement District

Commissioner Company: Leeds City Council