Nina Chakrabarti
Hello Nature: Draw, Colour, Make and Grow

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Usage: My illustrations were used in a children’s book for Laurence King Publishing called 'Hello Nature: Draw Colour, Make and Grow'.

Process: I start with pencil sketches and progress to using a dip pen and black ink for the final drawings. I like to hand draw any text and use a combination of brushes, dip pens and technical pens. Once artwork is scanned, I play with layout and composition in Photoshop.

Materials: My illustrations begin as black ink drawings and end up as digital files in Photoshop. All layout and composition take place digitally.

Formats: The illustrations for 'Hello Nature' began as pencil sketches. I then use a combination of dip pens and black ink, brushes and technical pens for the final drawings. The illustrations were then scanned into Photoshop where I could concentrate on the composition. The final book includes a combination of single and double page spreads.

Brief Requirements: I set myself the brief that the book should be a love letter to nature. One the reader could participate in too.

Key Brief Ideas: Inspired by the joyful 1970's craft book aesthetic I grew up with, I wanted the line drawings to convey as much information as possible without becoming too diagrammatic.

Commissioned For: Laurence King Publishing

Commissioner Company: Laurence King Publishing