Maëlle Doliveux
Hasidic Abuse 1


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Double page opening spread and accompanying quarter page illustration for Newsweek magazine, 
for an article on child abuse in Brooklyn's Hasidic community.

Process: Cut paper & colored pencil, digitally photographed with minor post-production work/color correction in Photoshop

Materials: Cut paper, photography

Formats: Cut paper original, RAW photograph, PSD file

Brief Requirements: Feature spread and interior illustration for an article on child abuse in Brooklyn's Hasidic community. The abuse described was both physical and sexual, but the focus of the article was on the way that the community hid the crimes for the public to keep it within their internal judicial system, which resulted in no punishment for the perpetrators and no justice for the victims. It was my goal to incite empathy for the victims of these crimes, with sensitivity and without further victimization, while keeping the identities of the perpetrators hidden, much like the community itself hides the crimes.

Key Brief Ideas: Hidden child abuse in Brooklyn's Hasidic community. Showing an extremely painful and delicate subject matter with sensitivity and understanding; trying to give victims a public voice without any shame or humiliation.

Commissioned For: Newsweek

Commissioner Company: Newsweek