Greg Coulton
Beck's Be Kreativ Art Label

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
A refreshingly open brief, to illustrate a Beck's Art Label as part of their Be Kreativ platform.

How was the illustration used:
Beck's bottles and packaging, print adverts, posters, online, Beck's press & PR events.

How did you make this work:
Inspiration came from the insight that Beck's is brewed to historic purity laws using only 4 ingredients. I thought 'what else follows a rule of purity through limited ingredients?' The answer: organic life. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen make up 99% of all organic molecules. Using Victorian foliage I’ve created a Tree of Life containing specimens from all 6 animal classifications.

Commissioner Name :
Gillian Creedon & Christopher Gore
Commissioner Company :
McCann Blue
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Greg Coulton is an Illustrator, Designer & Typographer. The art of storytelling and maxim, 'The devil is in the detail' are at the heart of everything he does. Over 15 years of design experience in London Ad agencies combined with Greg's traditional draftsmanship skills and love of Baroque-inspired flourishes, result in Greg's unique works of meticulously detailed and enchanting narratives.