Graham Carter
Secrets of Lost Meteorites


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The brief was to illustrate an article about meteorite fossils in New Scientist magazine. “Fossil Meteorites are probably the hardest geological treasure to discover. But a spate of recent finds are revealing surprises about Earth’s deep history”.

How was the illustration used:
to accompany an article in a monthly magazine entitled 'fossil meteorites'

How did you make this work:
This was a great opportunity to explore a hidden world using 3D layering techniques . This was the first time I have employed the use of laser and hand-cut wooden and paper shapes for a commercial project. It had to be quite deep to highlight a hidden prehistoric world within the meteorite. The pieces were individually cut, hand painted and placed in staggered positions to create a depth.

Commissioner Name :
Ryan Wills
Commissioner Company :
New Scientist Magazine

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Currently Based:
Seaford , East Sussex

Graham Carter is an illustrator & printmaker. He has fast become one of the UK’s most prolific and collectable printmakers, and his work can be found exhibited in galleries worldwide or through Boxbird Gallery (founded by Graham and his wife Alice). In recent years Graham's work has taken another sideways turn into picture books. His 3rd book 'The Story Thief' was released in 2021.