genie espinosa
Hidden from sight


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I felt the urge to explore and show what was happening inside me at that particular moment. It was a rough time, with lots of changes and this was a way to cope and tell people what was happening without telling them (because I have a hard time showing feelings). It was super therapeutic, and had this winning sensation of achievement.

How was the illustration used:
As it was just for exploration I shared these on instagram and later I had the chance to make an expo. So I made prints from these work and that's the only use i've been giving them. They worked as an inspiration for many projects that came after them, so these are a huge part of what I am today as a professional illustrator.

How did you make this work:
I usually sketch very fast and very rough in a notebook or the first piece of paper I can find, later I just have the pencil next to me as reference and work digitally with my cintiq and Photoshop. I find digital techniques very helpful as these take a bit of stress of the production process.

Commissioner Company :
personal exploration

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Currently Based:
I am currently living in Badalona, just 20 minutes away from Barcelona (Spain).

Genie Espinosa works and lives very close to the beach nearby Barcelona. Avid reader and animation obsessed, she began to draw since a young age. While growing up she studied graphic design and started working in several companies as graphic designer. One day a chain of successful events collided and she left her job and moved to another country to pursue her dream of becoming an illustrator. Now, 7 years after that, she is working full time as an illustrator, some of her clients are/have been: Dreamworks, Time Out, Die Zeit, FOLD Moleskine, RIPOSTE MAG, BRAIN MAG... along many others. She works hard everyday to improve and develop and hopes to keep doing what she loves most.