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Why did you make this work:
Hannun is a handmade and ecological furniture shop in Barcelona. For the launch of their new product collection ” Art & Lifestyle” they commissioned me to design 5 illustrations. I decided to focus on nature and ecology, the main values of Hannun, to create a series of illustrations for kids based on maternity.

How was the illustration used:
Print illustrations

How did you make this work:
The illustration process involves three steps. I start working with the sketches, once they are finished I work digitally with illustrator, using them as a guide. Then I use Photoshop to add colour, textures, shading and details.

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Carlota Marcos is an independent designer specialising in graphic design and illustration. She studied Graphic Design and Art Direction at IDEP school in Barcelona. Since then, she has been working in several studios and agencies, in London, Barcelona and Valencia. Carlota believes that design and creativity can make a difference and create a positive effect on people.