Fabio Buonocore
Ride The Wave

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How were your illustrations used? :
Packaging design

How did you make this work:
This series of cans was commissioned by Mark Agency for their client Toby's Estate. The request was to work on a single image with huge waves and people swimming and surfing towards the logo of the brand and the illustration should be seamless, so I worked on each side little by little to get a perfect overlay. I used Affinity Designer for the draft and Adobe Illustrator for the executives.

Commissioner Name :
Dan Mylonas
Commissioner Company :
Toby's Estate
Commissioned for:
Advertising Agency

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Hello! My name is Fabio Buonocore and I am a Milan-based illustrator. Ever since I was young I have loved the art of the Costiera Amalfitana fabrics used for silk scarves, trousers and the Mediterranean style in its style and forms. Also japanese art and graphic design have had a strong influence on my art and way of thinking.