Emily Hamilton
‘Our House’

Children's Publishing

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I created these pieces of work for my personal children’s book work portfolio. They are inspired by the text from Michael Rosen’s book, ‘This is Our House’

How was the illustration used:
These are portfolio pieces, but based on the format of a cover, double page spread and single full bleed page.

How did you make this work:
I used a mixed media approach, firstly drawing the characters and surroundings with pencil and colour pencil. The flora I drew with oil pastels and pencil. I then scanned these in and arranged and tidied up the piece digitally.

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Emily is an artist & illustrator based in North Devon, UK. She works from her studio at home and likes fine black pens, ocean dips and a good mug for tea.Emily has drawn, coloured, painted and created since the moment she could pick up a pencil. She studied art to A Level, followed by English at the University of St Andrews, Scotland (with 2 years of art history thrown in for good measure) and from then on, has been a self taught illustrator. She fell into the world of illustration in 2008 whilst living Australia where she stumbled across a job drawing illustrations for history books, and has continued happily from there! Nowadays she loves to transport herself into the world of children’s books so she can do things like fly with unicorns, hang out in a magic garden and decide how many jellyfish you could fit inside a handbag.You'll find Emily’s work in books, magazines, on cards, products, fabric and the occasional surfboard and wall.