Elen Winata
Alphabets : Phenomenal Women

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Raise awareness and educate about the phenomenal women of our times to inspire future generation of girls.

How was the illustration used:

How did you make this work:
Despite their important role in society, women are under-represented in history and other educational materials. An alphabet poster was chosen as a medium because it is easily understandable and emulates the alphabets used to teach children from a young age. The poster aims to spark curiosity in the young minds about these female icons and inspire a new generation of strong women.

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Elen Winata is an art director and illustrator based in Singapore who ironically hates writing in 3rd person.Her works span across different mediums such as illustration, digital, design and advertising. Over the years, she has provided illustrations for brands like Google, The Times of London, Airbnb, Swoon Reads, Uber, SilkAir, Unilever and Starbucks. She has also been awarded at The One Show, D&AD, Communication Arts and The FWA.Her works are known for their clean lines and vibrant colours, which are held together by simple but thought provoking ideas.When she's not pushing pixels, you can find her surfing memes, doodling quotes and stalking the neighbourhood cat.