Dongyan Xu
Feed the Jackalope

Feed the Jackalope That Is Being Starved to Death by Their Beautiful Cancerous Horns


Un-commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Experimentation, Self Promotion/portfolio

How did you make this work:
The real life origin of jackalopes are hares infected with deadly horn-like tumors, which eventually starve them to death by making them unable to eat. In the 1930s, hunters popularized the myth of jackalope to sell jackrabbit carcasses grafted with deer antlers. I view jackalope as a metaphor of the romanticization and exploitation of images of suffering, and the ignorance of those who suffer.

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United States of America (USA)

Dongyan Xu is an award-winning illustrator based on the East Coast of the USA. She received an MFA in Illustration Practice and a BFA in Illustration from Maryland Institute College of Art. She creates illustrations in two styles rich in lines, textures, and details. Her work explores the topics of mental wellness, individual emotions, and relationships between people and animals.