Dongni Wei


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Why did you make this work:
This series is an exploration and an experiment of painting with original colours, it’s a personal impression of some places I visited in Europe. I did many sketches when I was doing solo trips last year. I found that travelling alone can bring us entire freedom and sometimes loneliness as well. In the real world, we cannot always fulfil all dreams.

How was the illustration used:
portfolio piece

How did you make this work:
The main tools of this series are oil pastel, colour pencils and brush pens. I used tracing paper collage to explore the balance between drawing and paper cut. The paper doesn’t adhere tightly so that people are led to look through the unclear shadows, to think about something between reality and the ideal world, the inside and outside of human’s thoughts and the boundaries among people.

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Currently Based:
Beijing, China

Dongni WEI is a Chinese illustrator and children’s picture books’ author, who is represented by the Bright Agency and is currently based in Beijing. Her first children’s picture book The Forest Dress-up Competition (2017) won the 1st Sunflower Picture Book Competition-Promising Award in 2016. Her work was recommended by the AOI and the Bookseller at 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.After 1.5-year study at Cambridge School of Art, bold and vibrant colours become her typical style. Her work oscillates between children’s book illustration and fine art, using imagination to reference and question her contemporary milieu. In her extraordinary stories, there always are some brave characters, through which she shows to early age children how to solve some problems. The technique she used arranges from mixed media to screen printing. She is interested in making stories based on voyage and return plots, architecture drawings inspired by her trips and doing artwork for charity organisations. Her clients include the Daylight Publishing House, Green Bean Publishing Company, CheerFly Publishing Company, Hui Art Space and Artron.Net.