Aiste Stancikaite
Dior Homme


Image Type: multiple

Usage: This was a self-initiated project for use in my portfolio, website and on social media platforms, with an interest in exploring the timeless representation of celebrated, classic fashion brands.  The project will also be launched as limited edition giclee prints on my web shop.

Process: Portrait and hands are pencil drawings on paper, which have been scanned to create digital files. The white cuffs & collar and black background have been added using Photoshop.

Materials: Pencil, Bristol Board paper, Photoshop.

Formats: Original portrait and hands are pencil drawings on paper. The completed images are digital file & print.

Brief Requirements: To create a series on the iconic, yet timeless Dior Man – responding to the brand's ethos to combine elegance with practicality.

Key Brief Ideas: My main focus on this project was to convey the ideology of the brand rather than show the actual clothing. I wanted to stress the pinpoint accuracy of Dior tailoring, its timeless French elegance. I focused on a single detail of tailoring – sharp white cuffs and collar – as a minimalist reference to the pure construction and design of the garments. Blending the images into the black background draws the eye to the details while being a nod to the classic colour palette of Dior Homme.