Daniel Stolle
Dear Diary 2016


Image Type: multiple

Usage: This is a personal project in the form of a visual diary. I drew the drawings and usually posted them the same day on my instagram.

Process: As a rule I have set, that none of the drawings can take longer than 60 minutes to produce. In a way I try to draw digitally in an analogue sense. There are no bigger correction or edits. I have one try – that’s it. Some days I fail, but there is always another day. I started the series on May 9th, and I made the last drawing on July 18th. There are 33 images altogether.

Materials: Clip Studio Pro, drawn straight into the computer

Formats: 21cm wide, 30 cm high

Brief Requirements: 4 colors, one format, 60 minutes of time

Key Brief Ideas: In 2014 I took a time-out from professional work and documented my life for two months by trying to make a daily drawing. I called the project ‘Dear Diary’. In 2016 I continued the project. My idea was to capture the everyday and the abstract, the ordinary and the extra-ordinary that is hidden in plain sight in our lifes. 

It is an exercise in seeing and discovering my subjects and at the same time an exercise in creating an immediacy in production (short time).