David Dean
Orla and the Wild Hunt

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Book Cover/s

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Book cover for a middle grade novel rooted in Irish folklore. The cover is a wraparound with flaps, showing the main characters being pursued through a woodland that links our world with a world of faeries and giants. Two inside cover illustrations, 'hidden' underneath the flaps reveal the world on the other side. The novel is full of adventure and magic and the cover needed to convey this.

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Rachel Hickman
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Chicken House

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United Kingdom (UK)

David is an illustrator living in the North of England with his two cats. Over the years he has worked with most UK (and several international) children's publishers and has illustrated covers for books by many well-known authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Ross Montgomery, Lesley Parr, Nizrana Farook, Natasha Farrant, Christopher Edge, Holly Webb, Sally Nicholls and many more.