Daniel Goldfarb
The State of Education

The state of the modern educational system, and the kids it leaves behind.


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Magazine or newspaper cover illustration

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The modern educational system is harsh and unforgiving. In a period of the lives of children where dreams are formed, glass ceilings are also set by the system. Those who do not fit, get left behind. Children from troubled backgrounds and broken families are branded as problems and treated as such. If the system can adapt and see them, it could save lives.

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Yehuda Shohat
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Liberal Magazine
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Liberal Magazine

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Shenkar College of Engineering & Design

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Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and Graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering & Design (B.DES) in 2012. Began working as a freelance illustrator in 2014. Worked for nearly every major Israeli newspaper and magazine, as well as numerous International publications, and is the cover artist for Liberal Magazine since 2016.