Damien Jeon(Seo young Jeon) : Mad Men Instagram advertising project


Un-commissioned | New Talent

I was asked to make a series of illustration for TV series advertising on Instagram.
Additional Information:
This series is advertising of 'Mad Men' for Instagram. Mad Men is about people who are making advertising, too. Personally, I believe advertising is all about the lie and exaggeration. Therefore, I tried to illustrate conceptual images in this series. Also, the main character Don Draper is always drunken, so I intended to make images blurry.

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Hi, I’m Damien Jeon, an illustrator based in New York City. My works are sensual and conceptual images. Depicting retro and nostalgiac mood is my whole theme. I get a lot of inspiration from glam rock era. I want to illustrate fantasy that people always dream of, which is mixture of fantasy and reality. I believe illustration is one of the ways to communicate with the world, so I’m always thirsty to make more art that can communicate with more people through my work.