Dali Wu
Outside of outside of outside

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Life is a journey. And throughout our lives we more or less encounter feelings of frustration such as being rejected, being restricted, being trapped in fear, being abandoned, being shocked by the vast darkness, or being distraught by the insignificance of one’s own life. But we will also encounter the beauty over and over again, saved by love and understanding.

How was the illustration used:
Artistic picture book for all age

How did you make this work:
Mixed media skills, such as collage, watercolours etc, The original paintings are created with pigments made by my own, and I added the gold and silver powders into the pigments, as I also used origami gold papers and silver papers, so the original pictures are glittering.

Commissioner Name :
Xu Wenhui
Commissioner Company :
Hangzhou Beautiful Flower Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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Dali Wu is a visual artist exploring the interdisciplinary possibilities of arts.WU has 11 years of professional experience in the fields of drawing, illustration, graphic novel, etc. Wu approaches art from an academic and intellectual standpoint. Apart from around 33 international awards that she has received, she presented her art work in various exhibitions, articles and publications.