Owen Davey
Curiositree: Natural World

Image Type: multiple

Usage: All the illustrations for a plus hundred page compendium of the natural world 

Process: Pencil and paper sketches, then worked over digitally using Photoshop and scanned in homemade textures

Materials: Digital, Pencil, Ink

Formats: sketches, digital files

Brief Requirements: I was given the text from each page, suggested animals to include and possible options for the page layouts from the designer. The writer, designed and I would then work to find a good balance to show all the necessary information and how to best show the subjects of the page.

Key Brief Ideas: I tried to find a balance between stylised illustration and realism. Something which would be fun and exciting, but also informative and could be used as an easy reference for the text

Commissioned For: Wide Eyed Editions

Commissioner Company: Quarto Knows

Agent: Folio Illustration Agency

Agent Website: folioart.co.uk