Coqué Azcona
Cromo Gallery Poster


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Usage: This poster was made for the big opening for the Cromo Gallery in Barcelona. It was the first exhibition in there and was a collective one. The poster was printed and placed at the gallery entrance. Also the original image was there, framed. If you want to see more photographs:

Process: My process is most of the times the same: I take a paper and start doing something on it. If it doesn't work or I don't like it, I start over again. In this case I started with the 01 (cause it was the first exhibition and the item to highlight) making a mask for it. Later ink red & black for the background, and finally all the names, stains, lines and colored pencil.

Materials: I used black and red ink for the background, masking fluid for the 01 and Posca markers and colored pencils for the names. Paper 370 g/m2.

Formats: I think the original was A4 or A4+. And the printed version I'm not sure if it was 120 x 150 cm (as the client asked) or a bit less.

Brief Requirements: Natalia Zaratiegui, the illustrator owner of the gallery asked me for a poster with all the names of the exhibition to be printed in a big format. With a 01 on it. She knows my work and gave me total creative freedom.

Key Brief Ideas: I did what she asked and I also added the info of the event and the location of the gallery.

Commissioned For: Galeria Cromo

Commissioner Company: Galeria Cromo