Conform Cox
How the Cow (Hoe de Koe)

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Visualisations of several processes in the cattle industry from different points of view. To show the complexity and steps of these processes and give an honest story about what is happening on regular basis. I wanted to make the images as neutral as possible. How the Cow shows the life cycle of a beef in the Dutch regular milk industry. What goes in and what goes out? What happens along the way?

How was the illustration used:
It has been showed on several exhibitions and in a restaurant, but by growing needs a bigger exhibition space in the end. It will be used in marketplaces where the biological farm sells their products.

How did you make this work:
I started How the Cow about the regular milk industry by myself. I want the project to grow by adding infographics from the point of view of various companies involved. I made one of a Dutch biological farm. This shows their distinctness, but also what they want to focus on. I also collaborate with a researcher on 'grown' meat. So, the project informs about processes and storytelling.

Commissioner Name :
Harriette van Roessel and Cor van der Weele
Commissioner Company :
De Regte Heijden and Wageningen University

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Conform Cox is conceptual designer and illustrator. Cox uncovers difficult topics and processes in a playful and humoristic way, she calls this visual education. She loves to observe human behaviour and question norms. Her work creates unexpected connections to show various points of view, by researching (with) other disciplines. Cox keeps developing, so she recently started on podcast and animation.