Ciara Quilty-Harper
Lemon Yellow

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I wrote 3 narratives on empathy and colour to challenge myself to illustrate my own writing for my final project. I had been reading about colour and the many factors that influence our perception of it. Colour is an experience and as in life, each person sees and lives it differently; in times like these it can be useful to remember this when we don’t see eye to eye. What colour is 'The Dress?'

How was the illustration used:
As a book for my final project for my illustration course at Escola Massana Barcelona and as encouragement to think twice about what shapes our perspectives. Printed on recycled paper and to be sold through my online shop and in the future at small bookshops and in markets.

How did you make this work:
Being under strict home lockdown during the end of my course, I took visual inspiration from my immediate surroundings, films, books and photographs to create the scenes. Each narrative follows a disagreement between two people on aspects of a specific colour. I drew thumbnail sketches for each line of text, chose my colour palette and drew all sixty illustrations by hand in coloured pencil.

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Ciara is an English-Irish illustrator based in Barcelona. After her BA in Printmaking and Design at LCC in London she went on to study Illustration at Escola Massana. Inspired by slow cinema, traditional crafts and colour, her hazy drawings often depict moments of stillness. Ciara is happiest when learning something new from a project, studying history through objects and drawing outside.