Ciara Quilty-Harper


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Why did you make this work:
This drawing is of my sister Juliette asleep on the way home after a grand tour of all the charity shops in Tunbridge Wells with my parents last September. We were looking for possible outfits for my brother's wedding the next week. It was so nice to be on a family outing after not having been home for over a year and a half. This drawing is a sort of diary entry for that day.

How was the illustration used:
I love coming across my old notebooks and being transported to another moment through drawings. I'm trying to make more work just for me to remember later.

How did you make this work:
I used photos I'd taken and had been saving for a while; I found the frame I liked, chose colours I was in the mood for and sketched a little bit before to plan the colours. I used oil pastel on paper.

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Ciara Quilty-Harper is an English-Irish illustrator living in Barcelona. Her drawings are attentive observations of daily life. Through cinematic framing and blurred forms, she captures colour, objects and scenes that might otherwise have been overlooked. Ciara has worked for The New York Review of Books, The New York Times and has won several awards for her self-published book Lemon Yellow.