Chloe Watts
Side Effects


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This piece is the fulfilment of a uni brief whereby we had to make an experimental artists' book. I pondered a lot over how to complete the brief, and this resulted in the 'book' that I made. I wanted to capture and encapsulate my struggles with mental health, and emphasise the difference that my medication has had upon my life.

How was the illustration used:
An Artists' Book

How did you make this work:
I made each component by hand, as I wanted to create almost an imitation of a prescription bag. I took apart all of my medication boxes in order to make the nets for the boxes, and took apart a paper bag in order to emulate this in tracing paper. I also used resin, polymer clay, a 3d pen and empty medication capsules. The voiceover in the video is an extract from my hospital diary.

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Manchester School of Art
Illustration with Animation
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United Kingdom

My name is Chloe Watts and I am a second year Illustration with Animation student at Manchester School of Art. My practice revolves around myself, my thoughts and feelings, and also my struggles with anorexia. My practice has come to be a pivotal part of my being, as I find venting my thoughts through art to be a very good release. In the past, I have worked with Gap, Lucy and Yak and Hallmark.