Chiara Morra
The Mental Load

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Centro Studi Piero Gobetti, a non-profit Italian organization, asked me to create a social poster against gender discrimination. Among the various discriminations against women, I decided to deal with an often neglected and underestimated aspect: the "mental load".

How was the illustration used:
The illustration will be used for a poster campaign and will be featured in an exhibition in Turin, Italy.

How did you make this work:
I started from hand-drawn sketches, which I later vectorized and colored digitally. Then I added a claim I came up with and a body copy which is an excerpt from the book I used as the main source of inspiration.

Commissioner Company :
Centro studi Piero Gobetti

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Currently Based:

Chiara Morra is a freelance illustrator based in Turin, Italy. She majored in Illustration and Communication Arts at IED – European Institute of Design. She looks for simple lines, few colors and dreamy characters, with their distinctive red cheeks. She is happy to have worked with clients like Google, Save The Children, Grom, Feltrinelli, La Stampa, Lavazza and ProPublica.