The Lighthouse Keeper

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Why did you make this work:
The Lighthouse Keeper is based on a true story of a 94-year-old lighthouse keeper in Taiwan.Served at the lighthouse for decades, the old lighthouse keeper once experienced hardship and loneliness, hunger and cold, unsuccessful rescue, and even got left on a remote island for over 100 days, faced death alone, and left his last words.

How was the illustration used:
picture book

How did you make this work:
collage Digital drawing When creating the images of The Lighthouse Keeper picture book, there came a group of small helpers from the Maria Social Welfare Foundation. These children with multiple disabilities worked hard to make all kinds of handmade paper for this book.Handmade paper showed distinctive texture on illustrations.

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Maritime Port Bureau. MOTC (TAIWAN)
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Maritime Port Bureau. MOTC (TAIWAN)
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An illustrator from Taiwan who always uses ecology and Taiwanese culture as creation subjects to present his advanced skills through picture books, 3D books, and animations. He has been highly recognized internationally and won awards like Golden Tripod Award, Openbook Award Children's Book of the Year, Golden Butterfly Award, Golden Pin Design Award.