Célestin Krier
New Sumer, finding new archaism


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Those drawings are attempts to find with new tools and new shape the beauty and the brutality of some very old images and styles. For this particular selection i was inspired by Mesopotamian and Sumerian low-relief. Those antique figures are one of my first memories as a child linked to art and images, my father who is an archeologist led me to the Louvre museum to take a look at those old picture

How was the illustration used:
I drew them for myself, but then they brought me some work to do in the same style, and and i sold some prints of them.

How did you make this work:
They are digital drawings, directly done on photoshop, making my own brush style to built this textured ow-relief illusion.

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He was born thirty one years ago in Paris. He studied graphic design at the Fine Art School of Lyon, then he spent some times in Berlin and He is now living again in Paris. He worked for different kinds of clients, from big institutional to more independent one. The work he is doing is based on experimentations that are then put into more commercial projects.