Cecilia Cairo
L'abominevole mistero

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This project takes shape from the personal will to talk about what Darwin called “the abominable mystery”, referring to the inexplicable presence of many species of flowers on our planet. The story wants to be a personal challenge to investigate the human soul, its power of creation and destruction, returning this investigation through a union of images and words.

How was the illustration used:
These few pages represent just an extract, perhaps the fulcrum itself, of a larger story still in the making. From this story will take shape an authorial graphic novel.

How did you make this work:
The whole work is a continuous experimentation of mixed techniques on paper since every cartoon has been realized through many work steps. First it has been painted a gouache base on which pencils, graphite and oil were then added. Later the illustration was digitally finished on Procreate. The text too has been realized digitally.

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ISIA Urbino
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Currently Based:
Venice, Italy

Cecilia Cairo is a 27 years old Italian illustrator and graphic designer, now based in Venice. She studied at ISIA Urbino first graduating in graphic design and visual communication and then she took a master degree in illustration at the same school. Cecilia collaborates as an illustrator and graphic designer not only in the editorial field, but also in musical and scientific scopes.