Carol Adlam : Thinking Room


Commissioned | Professional

The brief was to execute work on any aspect of the Museum of Archaeolology, Nottingham Lakeside Arts. I researched the museum's deep & rich connections with the region and the University (where it is located), as well as the history of specific artefacts. The outcome was an exhibition of 10 outsize paintings in graphic novel format and c. 30 reference paintings, also made into a 36 pp. book.
Additional Information:
This was an experiment in using the graphic novel format as a sophisticated medium for communicating in-depth information. I made 2 sets of paintings: 1) outsize images telling fantastic story about a malfunctioning Palimpsest Machine, showing many artefacts from the museum (e.g. a Mammoth on tower refers to mammoth's tooth in the museum), and 2) reference paintings as visual footnotes.

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