Carlos Arrojo
Giovanni Nucci book covers

Cover illustrations for two Giovanni Nucci books.

Book Covers

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Book Cover/s

How did you make this work:
I was commissioned by Siruela Editions to illustrate two books by Giovanni Nucci: "Las Aventuras de Aquiles" and "Y fundaremos la ciudad más grande del mundo". On these covers I have worked on two levels of reading: the first visual impact caused by the dynamism and strength of the geometric shapes that define the main figure, and a second more careful look, going through every detail.

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Gloria Gauger
Commissioner Company :
Siruela Editions
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Siruela Editions

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Carlos Arrojo is a freelance illustrator from A Coruña, Spain. Graduated in Fine Arts, he has worked for more than ten years for a wide variety of international clients, like Perrier, Biotherm, Volkswagen Group, Nestlé, Unicef, Aldi, World Anti-Doping Agency, Monocle, Stanford Business... His style is characterized by the prominent use of line, the attention to detail and the geometric synthesis.