Caragh Buxton : Gently, Bentley.

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Gently Bentley is a relatable story about an exuberant little Rhino, who spends his day crashing about, but knows when to be gentle at just the right time. The idea behind the story was taken from my own experiences as a mother with some very energetic children! Some days I thought they would never slow down, yet they never failed to amaze me with their tenderness at just the right moment.
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Bentley is an excitable little Rhino who is alway being told to "be gentle" but Bentley proves to us the he really can be gentle when it really counts!

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Cambridge School of Art

Both writing and illustrating children’s picture books has always been a dream of mine. Although I have been a freelance children’s illustrator for a while, graduating from the renowned MA at Cambridge School of Art in 2016 has really enabled me to put my dream of creating my own children’s books into action